Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Today is 2 weeks post surgery. He is running, jumping, and doing almost everything. He is a bit sore and will limp occasionally, but he is also just about off codeine. He had a dose at 8 this morning, and since then, only 2 doses of tylenol. So, it is looking great!


I noticed yesterday that the bottom of his rocker shoe (special shoe worn over the cast) had a drop of wetness. He told me he spilled juice at school so i thought that seemed feesible.

Tonight, there is still a dampness on the same spot of his cast and the spot looks discolored... dare I say blood colored.

Wasn;t sure if this warrented a call to the orthopedic surgeon on call. I mnean, it isn't an emergency. But will be heading in tomorrow to have some one take a look at it. Just not sure if it should be first thing in the morning and pull him out of school, or if I should take him after school.

What could happen?

Could be totally normal. He is in no pain, there is no smell or tender spots.

Could be that he will need the cast changed. No biggie. Been through that many a time. Zip the cast off, put on a new one.

Could be that it will need to be opened up in the OR.

it is one of the first two.

Will update when I can.

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