Thursday, February 19, 2009

The best laid plans

Ever since we bought the new trailer, we have been planning to get out winter camping. So, when we saw the weather forecast for this weekend, we thought why not! It is supposed to be above freezing during the day, and not too cold at night.

Got going today, got the calls made to the campsite, packed the kids clothes and my clothes, got the menu made, grocery list made, and Craig brought the trailer in from the storage site. It is sitting out front right now.

Tomorrow I need to buy the groceries, warm the trailer, load it and be ready to go at 3:30. Yay! Getting out of the city just appeals to me right now. Quiet, hikes, tobogganing, hot chocolate, fires... what's not to love?

Craig pops his head in the door, one of the propane tanks is almost empty. Crap, so off to Costco he runs to get it filled. I can't do it, it is just too heavy for me. Get back, and CRAP! We have a flat! Picked up a nail somewhere and the tire is flat. Oh no!

So my wonderful, loving husband is outside right now, at 8:30 at night, with the snow coming down, taking the tire off so I can run it in tomorrow to see if someone can fix it ASAP. Otherwise, we are not going tomorrow.

Crossing my fingers.


Jennifer said...

Oh no! Hope it is an easy fix tomorrow. Getting out of the city sounds great!

Sue said...

What a cool idea -- literally, winter camping!! :) Fun! Oh, those nerve-wracking, last-minute snafu's always get you! Hope it all works out and that you have a fabulous time!

(I am SO jealous as I sit here still reeling from the flu, wanting a vacation more than anything!) :)

Sara said...

Hope you get it all fixed. Enjoy your camping trip. I was thinking of taking a drive outside the city tomorrow after soccer.