Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My 4-4-4 Meme

My friend Sara over at Mama Craft tagged me for a 4-4-4 Meme on Sunday. (Sorry Sara, better late then never right?)

These are the instructions...
“Go into your photo archive, pick the 4th folder in the archive, select the 4th picture in the folder, and write about it. Then tag 4 other people to do the same”

So, here is the picture.

Ahhh, such a fun day. This was September 2007, Matthew's first day of preschool. As you can see, Ryan was NOT happy to be left out of the fun. The crazy turn of events was that Matthew ended up being incredibly anxious at preschool and cried and cried every day for weeks and weeks. It wasn't until January that he stopped hiding under the piano bench to get away from everyone.

Good news is that after a year of working with his aide every day, his o/t once a week (for his auditory and sensory sensitivities) he is doing really well this year in kindergarten. In fact, his teacher says he is a positive leader in the class. Now THAT makes me one proud mommy.

Now for the rest of the fun. I have tagged the following four people. Even if you don't pass it along,I'd love to see your picture and the story that goes with it.

Sue at Dreams and Journeys
Sonia at Who Says You Can't Go Home
Tara at Too Much Information
Lisa at Urbane Bliss

And Jennifer and Jo, I know Sara tagged you as well so I am stalking your blogs looking for your photos!


Sara said...

Oh I remember the stories of Mathew and preschool. Such a stressful time. The picture is priceless though. Thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

I've accepted your tag!! The photo I found is not nearly as hilarious as yours ... that face! :)

Urbane Ones said...

OMG...Ryan's face is pricelss...:D

I accept your tag...not a lot of pics on this computer so I will switch.