Sunday, February 1, 2009


I can not believe it. In fact, I am still at a loss for words.

Last night, just 24 hours after joining a clubfoot group and introducing myself, I was contacted by someone who also has a son who has clubfoot with nerve damage.

This is the first time I have ever talked with another parent who has the exact same problem as Matthew. I felt like I was reading our own story when she talked about her son having a Nerve Conduction Test to confirm the nerve damage and an MRI of the spine to rule out tethered cord.

She told me that she knows of 8 other families in the US that have this unique problem and is inviting me to chat with some of them. Honestly. Speechless.

And the best news yet. She gave me the contact information for a doctor in the US who has dealt with this unique combination.

I will be composing an email and sending it off in the next few days.

I have not been so excited to contact a doctor in a long time!


Sara said...

What GREAT news Jo-Ann!!!!! This will certainly change a lot for you.

MamaJenn said...

I am so happy for you! That is truly wonderful news. Positive things are happening. Hope you hear back soon.

Sympathypain said...


Sue said...

Woo-hoo!!!! It's an awesome feeling, isn't it? This group really changed my life, and I just know it will help you in ways you can't even imagine. I will never, ever forget when Jenny and some of the others contacted me. Somehow they found me through my blog (a total God-thing!!!) -- I wasn't even looking for a group, and knew nothing about them at all. They found ME, held my hand, listened to my cries and fears and frustrations, and directed me to where I needed to go. I am SO glad you're experiencing this too!!

I'm thrilled that you hooked up with Jamie -- she's just incredible. I was hoping that she would read your thread -- I knew she had issues with nerve damage too, and I'm so glad she's there for you!! That's why I had initially suggested you start another thread, just in case, but I'm so glad you're hooked up with them now.

Please keep me posted, especially when you hear from Dr. Dobbs. I've heard amazing things about him and I just KNOW your situation will turn around! I can't tell you how excited I am for you!!! YAY!

Jocelyn said...

isn't it great to have such an immediate response and to find someone who truly "knows" what you are going through! I am always amazed at the great friends I've met through my sons clubfoot treatment

Always A Party..... said...

That is wonderful news Jo-Ann!!

It some how takes a weight off your shoulders when you find someone in the same situation as you doesn't it?

Me said...

Great! :-)