Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The flights are booked!

Gosh, this is all happening so fast. I had a message on my machine after dropping Matthew off at school this morning. It was the travel agent ready to book our flights.

I called her back and we are now booked. I called Craig and told him, his reaction was "I guess you really are going then". Ummmmmm YEAH!

The flight times are not the greatest but we had to go with the cheapest not the most convenient and seeing that Shriner's are paying, who am I to argue?

We leave early in the morning on Sunday March 29 and arrive back in Calgary Tuesday March 31 in the early afternoon.

Now for the hard part. I have to tell Matthew.


Jenn M said...

That's great!

Matthew seems to be a trooper, I'm sure he will take it in stride :D

Sara said...

You are really going!!! YAY! Good luck. And let me know if you need anything. I'm not just saying that... really, let me know.

Urbane Ones said...

Wow...congrats!! That is fast!!

I thought you were going to be staying down there for 4-6 weeks though?

Jo-Ann said...

Lisa this is the initial appointment. I am sure he will be casted in a full leg cast and need to be recasted weekly until his foot is in proper position. We will most likely be going back the following week for a long stay until the casting is done.

We will find out at the appointment.

Always A Party..... said...

How exciting Jo-anne!! I'm sure Mathew will go along with it. He seems like such a little go getter.

LittleBlueFuzzy said...

This first time, Matthew might think of it as sort of an adventure. Flying on the plane, staying overnight, etc.

Will Ryan be able to come with you, or is it just you and Matthew?


Jo-Ann said...

Yes, I am hoping it will be an adventure, but if I spring a full leg cast on him without warning, trust me, all hell will break loose. I need to prep him and he is such an anxious kid.

No, Ryan will be staying here. If we have to stay for an extended period of time, I think Ryan will stay here and my mom and dad will take care of him... but that still needs to be worked out.

Anonymous said...

Tell him he is going to the meet the smartest and sweetest doctor that lives on planet's the truth! Jamie