Friday, February 20, 2009

In shock

I jumped onto the computer to blog about how I dropped the tire off this morning at 8:30, dropped the kids off at school, got groceries, picked up the tire and am now getting ready to load the trailer.

I turned to the answering machine to see the flashing light, hit play and hear a voice telling me that he has spoken to Kristina in St Louis and our possible appointment dates are March 2, March 9, or March 30. What?! This is INSANE!! I just called Shriners last week about this time!

I am so shocked that I can't even call back yet, I need a few minutes before I call, I can't formulate a proper sentence yet let alone think of when all this needs to start.

One thing I need to take into account is Ryan's 5th birthday is March 18 and he will be having a party. Can't have Matthew and I away for that.

March certainly has become a significant month in our lives.


Jennifer said...


Sue said...

woo-hoo! Hang on tight, girl, your ride's about to take off at full speed! :)

Jenn M said...

That's awesome!!

Sara said...

YAY! That was fast. Great news.

Urbane Ones said...

Holy crap, that is fast...Well...whatever you do, it will be right.

You could always have an early 5th Surprise birthday for would be something special he would never forget!

Storm said...

I stopped by via Aloha Friday but don't see a question.

That is good news that you got an appt so quickly.