Friday, February 13, 2009

My morning chuckle

I called Matthew's surgeon's booking office this morning to make an appointment to go in and chat with him, sans kids. Seems like a reasonable request? Right? Chat with the man who has operated on his foot, transfered a tendon, removed part of his heel bone, botoxed him, casted him for the past 6 years...right?


This simple request can not be easily granted. Apparently, because it is not an appointment for Matthew, they are unable to bill this appointment. And because the surgeon doesn't need to see Matthew until June, the booking receptionist didn't think she could make an appointment for him and take up valuable appointment time for another child. I think that was her way of saying nicely 'I know if you book for him now you are trying to get in the back door.'

Insert scratching head here.

So, the way around this is for me to make an appointment with my GP to request a referral appointment with my son's surgeon (of SIX years). Then I can get a referral appointment (I have no idea if I have to have a regular wait time or if I can just make the appointment) to see said surgeon so I can talk to him with out Matthew present.

Insert head shaking here.

And no, his surgeon does not take phone calls over this nor does he answer emails like the American doctors.

So, I now have an appointment next week to see my GP to request a referral to see my son's surgeon so I can chat with him without Matthew present.

Honestly, how can you not laugh over this? I sure have.

I called the Shriners after this amusing phone call. The receptionist said that the person I needed to talk to was out for the day but she would call him on his cell and see what can be done. He called me back moments later and is stopping by my house this afternoon to drop off the application forms.


Shriners vs Alberta Health Care? What's your verdict...


Jennifer said...

Oh My. Are you able to book an appoint for Matthew and forget to bring him with you........ lol

Hope you don't have to wait to long!

bryan said...

That is amazing. I miss the days of family doctors who were

Sara said...

hehe... I like Jenn's idea. Oops... forgot the kid. Oh well! lol I hope it all works out. Craziness it is.

Always A Party..... said...

I have to agree with Jen and Sara. Make the appointment and say you didn't realize you needed to bring Mathew.

What a bunch of chuckle heads in the system these days!

Sue said...

Wow -- glad you're laughing, b/c the opposite (and completely understandable) reaction would be screaming and pulling your hair out!!

Kind of nice to hear (in a not-so-nice way) that things are just as crazy in Canada as in America sometimes! Our latest head-scratching came when our doctor said Grace needed about 16-20 sessions of physical therapy, and our insurance company said, after "thoughtful deliberation," that she only needed 8 (even though our policy covers 30!!!). I think I opted for screaming at that point rather than laughing. :)

Hang in there!