Friday, January 23, 2009

A Friday Funny

Last summer, two houses burned down in our neighborhood. The son of one of the homeowners and a friend were playing with matches and gasoline in the garage. The one house is in the process of being rebuilt, the other was recently torn down and the lot sits empty. Luckily no one was seriously injured. It has made a huge impression on my boys as we see it almost daily so I used it as a teachable moment about fire safety.

K, I know that wasn't funny, but it was the background for this story. Maybe it wasn't needed but I was up late last night and early this morning and got little sleep so I had a lot of coffee and I think I am rambling. But anyhoo...

This morning on the way to school, the fire safety conversation started again.

Ryan: Mommy, do you remember the little boy who played with matches and burned those houses down?

Me: Yes, Ryan.

Ryan: Tell the story again.

Heehee. That always makes me giggle. So I tell the story in detail again and end with the 'so what are some things you need to remember to be safe from fire?'

Matthew: Don't ever play with matches.

Ryan: Tell the police if you see a fire.

Me: Or an adult.

Matthew: Don't throw toys in the kitchen.

Me: Why?

Matthew: Because it could land on the stove and burn!

Me: And what about being safe around the firepit?

Ryan: Don't run around the fire.

Matthew: Don't throw toys around the fire.

(can you tell who throws a lot of toys?)

Ryan: Don't accidentally pick up the fire pit and throw it through the kitchen window.

Gotta love the mind of a 4 year old. :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Jenn M said...

Funny! You have to love a 4yr old!

Always A Party..... said...

That is so cute Joanne

tara @ kidz said...

LOL. I bet it was impossible to keep a straight face! What a cutie!

Donna said...

Made me laugh... Cute Story, kids seem to have an adorable imagination.

Me said...


BTW, no prob about copying the clubfoot links...I may have to take some of yours as well! :-)