Monday, January 26, 2009

Trying to fit it all in

Our appointment list just got increased again. Matthew's speech therapist called and wants to start seeing him weekly again but because it is so late in the school year the time slot she had available was Monday afternoons, middle of the afternoon.

So, now we have speech, physio, swimming, soccer and any stray orthotist appointment. Luckily his surgeon doesn't need to see him again til June. At least I think it is lucky... I also find it nerve wracking to go that long with no advice from him.

And the boys want to take Karate. All the extra appointments just make it had to fit it all in. Guess we will have to hold off on the Karate until swimming is over. Just find it sad that they have to miss out on the fun stuff so the doctor stuff can be fit in.

I am just so glad that o/t is all done. At least I hope I haven't jinxed it!


Sara said...

That is a lot to fit in. Don't be sad that they have to miss out on some things. You already do quite a lot with them. :)

tara @ kidz said...

Life is busy for every mom, but throw medical appt's in the mix, and.... yikes!

Me said...

I freak out a bit too while waiting for the next orthotist appt...there is too much time in between!

You are doing so much with them, and pacing out the karate after the swimming makes sense with their schedule (and your sanity). Kids also need down best memories are spending idle time in the house playing make believe!