Thursday, January 15, 2009

Positive thoughts

I truly believe that if you look for the positives in life, that is what you will find. If you focus on the negatives, that is where you will be. So with that thought, here is what has been positive around here this week.

1. We saw Matthew's orthotist for adjustments ordered by his surgeon. After the adjustments, his boots and shoes are easier to put on. And the best news, it now fits in his indoor soccer shoe! Yay!!

2. We saw his physiotherapist for a session. She said he was very tight but loosened up after working with him. She was impressed with his ability to jump 8 times in a row on his foot. He can do better then that too. Yay!!

3. Matthew had his second swim lesson this week. This time, instead of sitting with me and crying, he joined immediately and even chatted with two other boys in the class. Then after leaving the pool he asked when he could go again. Yay!!

These may seem like small insignificant things in many people's lives, but in our home, we take these small steps and embrace them. For every small step adds up to a large leap. I have to keep that in perspective.

This has been a great week. :)


tara @ kidz said...

Hooray for tiny triumphs, especially the soccer shoe!!! I'm thrilled for you!

Me said...

At what age do you recommend starting swim lessons?

And focusing on the positive is great, I have such trouble doing that sometimes!

MamaJenn said...

Your so right! And your family has many more small steps coming... I feel it. {hug}

Sara said...

Good for you for focusing on the positive. There is a lot of good stuff to focus on isn't there? :)