Monday, January 19, 2009

We're here

We have started a new family tradition on Friday nights. We plan a family dinner that the boys can help make, then we take it down into the family room in the basement and eat in front of the tv while watching a movie of the kid's choice. All four of us are loving this night of family time.

On Friday, we made homemade pizza and watched Wall-E...again. lol After the pizza, Matthew curled up in my lap and Ryan did the same in Daddy's lap. I happened to look over at Ryan and Daddy and got this overwhelming feeling of We are here, we are finally here! It was warm and peaceful and the most wonderful moment.

For those of you who don't know, we tried for 3 years to have a baby. Two of those years were spent with a fertility specialist in testing, treatments, medications and procedures. We lost 3 little angels along the way. We were devastated and had decided that we were just about ready to give up completely. We had circled a date on the calender that was the end of our journey. From that moment on, we focused our energy and thoughts on that elusive family. It was in that time that Matthew was conceived from our 5th IUI. It was a rocky pregnancy, but in the end we were blessed with the most beautiful little baby.

4 days old
one month old

Then, to all of the doctor's surprise, I ended up getting pregnant naturally when Matthew was only 8 months old. Along came miracle #2 before Matthew was even 16 m old.

Fresh from the cooker
First day home

There was a time when I thought it was never going to happen. I was about ready to throw in the towel, to abandon the thought that a family would ever happen. And in our busy daily grind, I often forget that our family was blessed not by one but two miracles. How many people can say they are that blessed?

My two miracles

Day to day gets busy for everyone. I find it hard to be in the moment sometimes, well many times. Seems that I get so caught up in life, school, hospital visits, AFO adjustments, physio, and everything else that I forget where we are. But sometimes, if we stop and look around, we can be in the moment. What a truly wonderful place to be. Here.


MamaJenn said...

I agree, with all the go go go of everyday life, we sometimes forget how blessed we are.

You are a wonderful person and a really special friend. I am so happy for you and your many blessings. You deserve every one of them. :o)

tara @ kidz said...

So true, JoAnn, and lovely. I have really been working on this recently as well. The movie Peaceful Warrior helped me understand the concept of being 'in the moment' and I'm so glad that I have been able to cherish each moment just a little bit more ever since!

I LOVE that last picture!

Sara said...

It's hard to stop sometimes and just be. I know. Our lives are different... we have different challenges... we are differnt people. But when all is said and done, we all stirve for the same things don't we. How blessed we all are.

And I love that picture. It made my day to see it again. :)