Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I took a break from the computer over the holiday but am back now that I have a few hours to myself every week again. Pure bliss I tell ya!

I noticed I have a few more followers so I wanted to say Hi to them! Some of you are leaving wonderful comments for me on facebook or my personal email which I enjoy but also, feel free to leave comments here whenever you wish. You never know who's heart you will touch with your words.

So what is new here? Matthew saw his surgeon just before Christmas. He is generally happy with the newest AFO but as always, he is asking for adjustments. So off to the orthotist we go. One thing he did say was that he didn't think he has ever seen Matthew walk so straight before. Of course that was WITH the AFO. Again, as always, once the AFO is off, it is a different story. Dr. K even said to the resident "he still has the foot drop" which I immediately jumped on and said "does that mean at some point he could walk with a heel strike?!"

You could tell Dr K either forgot he said that outloud, or forgot that this is a mom who speaks up. The look on his face was slight embarassment. He said with the most compassionate look "it is too soon to tell" I guess I could take that two ways, I prefer to take it the positive way. :)

What else is new here? We took the boys to Banff over the holidays to see the 'castle'. It was a lot of fun exploring.

The castle all decorated
in front of one of the big trees
The best part was watching the boys race through the quiet ballrooms. I suppose that we should have told them not to run, but as many of you who know me realize, I don't always follow the rules. ;)

You see, the boys were running all out... and finally, after almost one year post-op, Matthew won every race. And in true Matthew style, he didn't gloat, just took it all in as the way life is. Warms the heart. What a way to start the new year.

A fellow blogger suggested an idea to come up with one word that describes what you want for yourself in 2009. (From tip junkie ) I thought immediately of the word Believe. So powerful. 2009 will be a year of wonderous things if I believe it.

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Sara said...

Happy New Year! The pictures are beautiful. And I love the word you picked for the year. I picked a word as well (great minds think alike a guess). I think 2009 will be an amazing year for you and your family.