Monday, April 13, 2009

Cast change day

Matthew had his cast change today. He picked purple this time. I talked to Dr Dobbs as well. He feels Matthew's foot is looser then when we started. Yay! He is still unsure of when we would be able to go home but said that if he needs the tenotomy, it will happen May 4th. We could go home the next day. We would need to return about 3 weeks later for cast removal and AFO fitting.

This time his foot has been casted closer to 90 degrees. Honestly, not sure if it is, I haven't had a chance to look closely at it yet. Maybe tonight. It has been pulled way over though. To the point where walking on it now is harder. That is a good thing. His talus is still sticking out, but not as badly. Now he looks like he has one extra ankle rather then two. Dobbs was pleased with the look of it.

I also had a nurse take a look at his finger for stitch removal. She wasn't sure about it so they had a pediatric hand specialist take a peak. They also did x-rays again. After a soak, it looked a lot better. The verdict that it is healing well. The stitch was taken out. Of course it bled and Matthew cried, it hurt pulling that stitch out of the nail. Now we have some really cool blue gauze/tape to use to cover it. It won't stick to the owie.

And Matthew's best news, his buddy is staying here at Haven House overnight. They fly back tomorrow, but are back next week for another cast change. They are currently being very silly and driving us bananas. It is wonderful. :)


Jennifer said...

So glad his friend is there too, must make things a little nicer for him (for both of them).

SOAPer said...

You know, you can just FEEL from the tone of your posts lately that you're all doing so much better. I'm just thrilled that things are progressing. The time leading up to it can be so hard, but once you're in the thick of it you just sail through it. How great Matthew found a little friend -- makes all the difference sometimes! Great, great news ...