Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Have you seen the cover of the latest Good Housekeeping magazine?

Absolutely and whole heartedly agree with Michael J. Fox's quote.

"Happiness is a decision."

Nuff said.

On a side note, my poor Matthew. He is in a full left leg cast, bandaged right hand from his minor surgery, and now, because of the massive doses of antibiotics (I think he is getting massive doses so we can finish before we leave on Sunday seeing the stuff needs to be refrigerated) he now has diarrhea. And we had just mastered balancing on the toilet with that cast. Poor kid, hasn't even complained.

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Pete Aldin said...

Sorry to hear about your son. Man, seeing kids hurt - there's nothing worse!

On the Michael J Fox thing, I find his story inspirational, particularly when he handled his Parkinsons so badly at first (by his own admission). Thanks for the quote. Needed the reminder!