Thursday, April 2, 2009


Things are just crazy right now. I am trying to get everything organized so we can be gone for 4+ weeks. Spending some time answering emails, trying to find out how long I need to be there, getting flights, accommodations, things for Matthew to do and keep busy, Easter, seeing friends one last time before we go, birthday parties, birthday gifts for my niece who turns 3 while we are gone, canceling appointments while we are gone, trying to shut down my home business for the interim, transferring email addresses so I can access stuff, not to mention getting enough cuddles in with Ryan who will miss us terribly.

Yuck, not liking this, and I only have 10 days left.


Jennifer said...

{hug} Let me know if there is anything I can help ya with. Anything that will allow you to get more Ryan snuggles in!

Angela said...

:hug: I hope it all goes smoothly, and that everything gets done with a minimum of fuss.

BrittanyB said...

Thank you so much for your insights. Reading your blog put's things into perspective for me with my little guy.