Friday, April 3, 2009

What can you do in a full leg cast?

This is what I want the boys to do

This is what they decided to do while I was busy with laundry.

So the answer to What can you do in a full leg cast?

Anything you can think of.


Jennifer said...

Awww.... those boys! Good to know nothing much has changed. They do anything they put their minds too!

Sympathypain said... more! Three's like super powers intrinsicly woven into the plaster. My son's broken arm had monster blocking sheilding.

Angela said...

That is too funny! He certainly isn't one that is afraid! Glad he's having fun :)

Amber said...

Wow! That is super impressive! Your boys rock! :D

Me said...

Oh my goodness... I hope he does'nt hurt his leg! (Nervous Mom speaking here...)


Mama J. said...

You know that while they are doing picture number one, they are scheming about what they will do when you start the laundry... I have two of my own and they are schemers...

Glad to see that it isn't slowing Matthew down.

Jenn M said...

Hilarious. Nothing stops your kids! Which is awesome. You've got yourself some good kids. :)

Michelle said...

Holy sheep, I had a heart attack watching the first clip!!! LOL

Katja mit Fabian und Florian said...

Hi from Germany,

your blog is very intersting.

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It was a very hard time for all of us after Fabians accident. The moment when the doctor told us, that Fabian is paralyzed and the moment when we must told him that he never walk again, was so terrible. Especially terrible was the day, when Fabian got his first wheelchair. I still cry when I saw him sitting in his wheelchair at the first time. But Fabian is so brave! I am so proud of him.

Since his accident Fabian visits a school for special needs kids. All other kids in his class are disabled, too. The most kids must use a wheelchair, tree kids can walk with a walker / quad canes.

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