Monday, April 20, 2009

Cast change day

Matthew had his cast change this morning. Nothing stellar to report. His talus is still noticeable and Dr Dobbs admitted that it may always be prominant. I also asked if he was most likely going to have the tenotomy seeing his foot was not and still is not in nuetral. He said yes.

His foot is turning out nicely though, just needs to move upwards now.

Matthew decided earlier this week he was going to have a pink cast. When we got to the hospital he decided orange. They only had 4 inch and not a lot so they added a white stripe to it. He LOVES it.

His buddy is going to be at Haven HOuse later today so we are going to head that way for a visit this afternoon.


Jennifer said...

Hope he has a great visit with his friend.

Mama J. said... sounds good...if they have Black or red you could make it into a spiderman cast...;)

Glad to hear things are improving. Sorry to hear about the surgery, i know you were hoping to avoid it.