Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's The Little Things

I was really considering asking for a new room. At least 3 families went home on Monday, there were a lot of rooms empty for a bit. I saw some to. NIce and roomy, 2 beds, a chair... oh heaven!

Not sure if I described our room well. It is tiny. Not very wide (I can lay on the floor and with my hands above my head, I can touch both sides with my feet and hands) but long. There is a full bed pushed up against the large low window. Luckily they have made it so the window only opens a few inches, otherwise some one could literally roll out of bed and out the window. The bed has a plasic sheet on it making it sweaty for sleeping.

The only other furniture is a small bedside table with a drawer that is down past the foot of the bed. No room beside the bed.

We have a very small closet with a small rod to hang a few items (no hangers) and enough pins for 3 shelves.

Not bad, but we are here for another two weeks. TIght. And when Matthew goes to bed, I am stuck sitting on the floor or the bed while he sleeps.

I was going to ask for a new room, then I over heard some other people talking about how hot their rooms are. Luckily, this room is the only room in this house that does not get sun, ever. In fact, with the window open, our room can get quite cold, even though we hear the air conditioner running.

I decided to try and spruce up this room for us. We headed off to Dollar Tree. I got 6 hangers for a dollar. I bought a cloth bag for Matthew's crafts and coloring stuff. Then we went to WalMart and I got two pillows and pillowcases for $10.

CAme back to the house, stripped the bed and washed all the sheets and blankets, we had been sweating so bad on the plastic mattress cover. REmade the bed with a blanket on first, then the sheet (only flat sheets). Added the new pillows (the old ones have a plastic cover as well) then went to work on the closet.

Stole the pins from the current shelves and using three pins for each shelf, was able to add more shelves for our clothes. THey are a bit wobbly, but functional. I hung up our jackets and sweatshirts and put all the crafts in the cloth bag and hung that up too.

The room looks so much neater and we both slept so well last night! No sweating and no waking up at all! I feel great and I think Matthew does too. It amazes me how little things can make all the difference. This room is perfect.


Jennifer said...

Tight Squeeze! Glad you were able to make it all a bit more comfy.

Sara said...

The little things can make a big difference. Thinking of you as always. xx

Mama J. said...

Glad to hear you found a way to make it is hard to feel cramped.

Is Matthew loving co-sleeping?

Anonymous said...

you inspire me with your ingenuity, creativity and resiliance jo-ann. you are truly a gift. i hope your next two weeks go by quickly.

Jo-Ann said...

Yup, Matthew loves co-sleeping. Me on the other hand could do without a big ol' cast in the back every night. lol