Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Had a bad day yesterday but feeling better now

I had a bad day yesterday. Gosh, looking back on it I was messed up. A good night's sleep and the sun shining in has turned it all around. I can't have those kind of days, Matthew needs me to be strong.

It started with waking up in the wee hours feeling very ill. Ended up vomitting for most of the night. Luckily, Matthew was content Tuesday morning to cuddle on the bed and watch a movie. It was about all I could manage until we got a knock on the door at 11:30. There was a room at Ronald McDonald house, we were to move over.

I managed to shower and pack up. Then I had to do something about our rental car. It had no heat and it has been cold here. Went to the front desk with our bags and tried to figure out where I could exchange the car. Going back to the airport sounded like it was a hassle (at least that is what the lady at the front desk told me) so I called numerous other locations to see if I could get a different car. After about an hour (would have been faster to go back to the airport by that point) I found a place close to the Ronald McDonald house. Got some directions and off we went. I was feeling icky and dizzy, but we had to go.

Made it to the car rental place feeling awful. Got a new car, got my stuff moved over. Drove out and found RMH. That was when I noticed I had only 1/2 a tank of gas. Crap. Grrrrrr. Also started to realize the stink... someone had recently smoked in the car. Grrrrr.

Got checked in to RMH. There was a lot to take in and my poor brain was barely functioning. Got a bit of a tour. Was a bit sad. Only about 3 games. Only a handful of puzzles. Saw our room. Felt really depressed. Tiny room that holds a full bed barely. A tiny closet that barely holds our clothes and does not fit our suitcase. No chair either to allow me to sit and read after Matthew goes to bed.

Had to run out to get some milk and juice. RMH supplies dinner but not breakfast. Took a long time to get directions to a grocery store. Did that.

Went to make the bed. We were given the wrong sheets. The only person working was new and had no idea how to find new sheets.

Went to give Matthew a shower. Managed to soak myself and get his cast wet.

I was still holding it together when I got a call from home. Talking with Ryan finished me. He sobbed and sobbed. So did I. Then Matthew did too.

Gosh. I was finished. Finally got Matthew to sleep and the phone rang. The front desk was checking what room I was in. Woke Matthew.

But after all that, I was able to sleep. Thankfully I brought a sound machine, the couple next door chatted til after 11 pm. I did sleep and so did Matthew.

Got up this morning, my tum feels better, not 100%, but better. And the best thing, the sun is shining. Life seems easier with sleep and the sun.


Jennifer said...

Hope things keep getting better for you. So hard being on your own dealing with being sick.

Sara said...

Hoping for a better day for you today. And better and better each day to come. HUGS

Jenn M said...

Hoping for a much better day for you guys this week.


Sue said...

Oh no!! SO sorry to hear of your day ... but glad that things have turned around a bit. Hope you're feeling better soon!!