Thursday, April 23, 2009

Surprise, A Night Out!

Yesterday after a long dull afternoon playing Chutes and Ladders and about our 345th game of Go Fish we went to the kitchen for a snack. Just then, one of the ladies walked by and asked if we wanted the two free tickets to the Cardinals game that evening.

Yay!!! Ronald McDonald House is such a wonderful organization and so many people donate their time, money and other items such as tickets to them. It sure is appreciated when you are in a city so far from home with no one but a 6 yr old to keep you company. MAny many thanks to the person who donated the tickets.

We had to go to another location to get the tickets and then drive down to the stadium downtown. We got lucky with parking about 2 1/2 blocks from the stadium and got there shortly after the game started. I had never been to a baseball game before. WHen I was a kid I was a huge Blue Jays fan so I know very little about the national league but it was a blast. I had a beer and enjoyed the game. Matthew got cotton candy and a pop and enjoyed his cotton candy and his pop. I think he enjoyed the game too. What a great evening.

It sure was nice to be out in the evening rather then in the room by 8 pm. Gosh, when I get home, I am going to need to get out!


Cheryl Peddie said...

Yay! What fun - glad to hear you guys had a much-deserved night out. Cotton candy... yum!

Jenn M said...

Sounds like a wonderful night.

Jennifer said...

That's great! Don't worry we will be taking you out once you get home. You can count on it. The restaurant club misses you!

Sue said...

Christmas in April -- what fun!! Your stamina and perseverence through all of this is inspiring. And these little bright spots thrown your way are wonderful little rewards! Hang in there -- you two are troopers!

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