Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting My Groove On or Getting My Head Outa My Butt

Things are going much better here. I finally got my head outa my butt and looked around to see a great place here. This is a place set up for families of very very sick children. We are so very fortunate. We have met a little girl undergoing chemo and a 14 yr old boy waiting for a new heart for the second time in his life. It sure has opened up a new door of questions from Matthew. When I explained heart transplant to Matthew, I said we should pray that boy gets a new heart very soon. Matthew told me we couldn't, that would be asking God for some one else to die. Gosh, some conversations are hard.

We have started venturing out. The weather has gotten warmer. We hit the zoo yesterday. It is free here so we will be heading back there soon and often.

Matthew has been collecting 'nature' on his walks outside. Then, he sets up his 'free store' for all the volunteer ladies to choose a flower or a stone or a wood chip. He is quickly becoming rather popular around here. He has even been asked to present some candies to the volunteers at their annual volunteer dinner next week.

Someone popped a littlest petshop toy in our mailbox without a note. He's got them all eating out of his hands.


Jennifer said...

That's sweet. He is such a great kid.
Glad you are doing better and getting to see some sights.
The tough talks are never going to end are they. How nice though that he has the ability to think these through and have compassion for both parties involved. {hugs}

Jenn M said...

That is very neat. You have such a great kid.

Good luck with the rest of the trip.

Sara said...

Your boy has a gentle heart, to think of others as he does.

Mama J. said...

So glad you are settling in a little and making friends.

How incredibly difficult those conversations must be... perhaps you could explain about organ donation, and how people decide before hand that they want to give that gift when they no longer need it...I don't know.

((HUGS))...we have been thinking of you both.