Saturday, April 11, 2009

Where there's a will, there's a way

It has been a tough few days here. Matthew's finger injury has proved to be quite troublesome when it comes to moving in crutches and showering with a full leg cast. The antibiotics have made his tummy icky and given him massive diarrhea, again difficult with your right hand wrapped up and your left leg in a full cast. But we have managed. He only needs one more dose of antibiotics. Crossing my fingers things will get better before our flight tomorrow morning.

This is how we have been showering. No easy feat, but we managed. Notice the glue marks where the heart monitor leads were attached for his minor surgery Monday night. I am still picking it off... they must use crazy glue.

Easter came a little early here. We decorated eggs and the boys got very inventive with colors.

I cooked a large turkey with all the trimmings Thursday evening. Now I don't have to cook before we leave tomorrow thanks to yummy left overs.

Easter bunny arrived Friday morning. The boys got very lucky. It seems that the daddy Easter bunny found some skateboards on sale. Of course, both boys had to get on them and try.


And the worst part of the day. I had to change the bandages on Matthew's finger. It had bled a lot and the gauze was almost fused to the scabbing. It took an hour of soaking, pulling, trimming, soaking and pulling to remove the gauze. It looks pretty good I have to say. I added polysporin and bandaged it back up.

We are almost packed up. Just a few more things to do. I am finding it tough to pack. Not sure how long we will be there. Not sure when we will make the move over to Ronald McDonald house. Not sure what the facilities are like. Not sure what I need to bring. Guess it will all work out.

Will update when I get a chance.


Jenn M said...

Good luck.

You will figure it out.

As much as it must be hard, enjoy St Louis as much as possible. It's a pretty city..

Always A Party..... said...

Mathew is such a little trooper.

Have a safe trip!