Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter from St Louis

We arrived at Haven House with no hassles. Yay! Matthew was met at the door with an Easter basket and a new stuffie. He was so happy to see chocolate, I didn't let him eat his Easter chocolate at home because of the diarrhea.

It was hard to leave Ryan this time. He came to the airport to say good-bye and cried quite a bit. Made me tear up to see both the boys crying. Sometimes doing the right thing can be so hard.

We are in the computer room waiting for an Easter Egg hunt that is supposed to start in 30 min. I love this place. They really know how to help kids feel better about being away from home.

Will update after Matthew's cast change tomorrow. He said he is going for a green one this time.


Angela said...

Sounds like you are at least somewhere that can help ease things along nicely. Take care of yourselves down there, you will be home in no time.

Sara said...

Sounds like Easter was fun there. Mathew must have enjoyed the hunt with the other kids. Hugs to you... I know it must be hard leaving Ryan. Take care. Miss you.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a wonderful place to be when you aren't able to be home. {hugs} to you and Matthew!